Catmantis @ the  Belgian Comic Strip Center
From September 2022 to December 2023, I was welcomed by the Belgian Comic Strip Center into a joint studio environment along with three Dutch-speaking and four French-speaking artists (Reinhart Croon, Arno Vanheule, Marc Dubuisson, Mattias Ysebaert, Anne-Lise Combeaud, Noam Van Cutsem and Nerina Denais). We enjoyed a studio space at L’imprimerie (in the old National Mint) in the heart of Brussels.

During this residency, we created an English-language magazine on the history and meaning of comics that was exhibited at the Center in April 2024, curated by Kurt Morissens.
© 2022 Octavia Roodt
Mag jy veilig wees, mag jy gesond wees, mag jy vreedsaam wees.